Ukrainian-British Association of Screen Industry Professionals

professional development and support of Ukrainian filmmakers, TV workers who lost their jobs due russian aggression

The Main Activites:

  • Increase visibility and support for Ukraine in British Film and Media industry
  • Support professional development and a continued careers for Ukrainians in the UK
  • Organize activities and events for work experience (talks and lectures) and exchange contacts (build networks) bringing both countries together (UK and Ukraine)
  • Educational activity in the UK
  • Protection of interests in the UK
  • Facilitate adaptation and mental wellbeing of Ukrainian refugee professionals

From day 1 of the major escalation of the war we have been continuously working to raise awareness and attract the attention of foreign Mass Media to Ukraine. Especially where protests are impossible. We are doing everything possible to get into people’s hearts through the arts, using all tools and equipment, to introduce our courageous people who devotedly fighting for the freedom, (human dignity) democracy and peaceful future.

Producer, Director, Creator of the initiative Ksenia Bugrimova

Our Goals:

  • Develop projects that will create new opportunities and employment for Ukrainian film industry professionals, who have been forced to leave their homes in Ukraine and were displaced to the UK
  • Introduce and build professional network between British and Ukrainian film industry professionals
  • Provide cinematography support and continued professional development in Film and Media industry
  • Build new opportunities and comfortable environment for Ukrainian Film and Media industry, co-working with British professionals, co-production and networking.

The Ukrainian film industry is on the verge of extinction as a result of the fullscale invasion of russia. The unemployment rate among Ukrainian film and television professionals has risen to 85%.

Many specialists left their homes and found refuge in Great Britain. They are talented, hardworking and ready to start from scratch. TalentedU, together with our British colleagues, creates new opportunities for the Ukrainian film and media industry:

  • Large-scale online catalogue of Ukrainian professionals for British companies
  • In-personal networking with British employers
  • Own projects that will provide work for Ukrainian cinematographers and television employees
  • Educational workshops on the secrets of British screen industry

Our Plans:

  • Creating a new documentary project HOME FOR UKRAINE
  • Media events, Film business brunches and Networking events
  • Create Ukrainian-British members community organization and identify the needs or its members
  • Film presentations in major UK cities and Ukrainian film festivals
  • Promote Ukrainian culture through exhibitions of Ukrainian artists/ photographers and artists talks
  • Program of support for the newly arrived Ukrainians to the UK (upskills and studying, webinars, online support, legal and accounts support and assistance)