Vladyslava Garkusha


tel. +447493886242‬
e-mail: vladyslavagarkusha@gmail.com
URL: https://www.instagram.com/vladyslavagarkusha/

Work experience:
an actor, up to 10 years

URL: https://www.spotlight.com/2458-3490-5194

Ukrainian and international actress of Film and Theatre. Artist. Experienced in acting , directing , TV-presenting. Interested in world , people , storytelling, music, dancing and arts. Took part in Ukrainian and international TV-series , theatre performances , worked as a TV-presenter at Ukrainian TV-Channels. The most recent work: leading role , Seada, at the play “Women and War” based on Eve Ensler’s “Necessary Targets” at Southwark Playhouse, London.
Open to new projects and creation together.