Tetyana Yablonska


tel. +447388324156 / +447366364366
e-mail: vesnyanakvitka@gamil.com

Work experience:
1AD, Creative producer, Post-production coordinator, more than 10 years

URL: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Rv0sEhWGtFOR8zszcbY2BFHArupJYTiV/view?usp=share_link

Hello! I am filmmaker from Kyiv, Ukraine.
16 years of experience in in filmmaking, TV, commercials and music videos. A high range of skills in pre/production/postproduction, development of scripts, script-doctoring. I know details of working in different genres and projects of different levels of complexity. As a 1AD I have advanced experience in working with actors, working with crowd scenes, complicated and high-staged historical projects, worked with foreign directors and teams.
Worked a lot as an editor and author, created presentations and corporate events, promotional materials, scripts of commercials; worked as a press secretary.

Have skills of communicative manager and often was hired as a crisis manager. Hard-working, flexible, open-hearted and open-minded. Creative and have deep knowledge in creative industry, sociology and psychology.