Alina Symonenko


tel. +447956112648

Work experience:
camera assistant, more than 10 years


I am Alina from Kyiv, I worked for 13 years on television and worked in show business as the person responsible for the visual part of the picture (all content – both photos and videos, including the direction of music videos and commercials). That is, the entire production from the idea to the release of the product into the world (direction, cinematography, editing). I have 2 higher educations (film and TV director and journalist). Due to extensive experience, I have high stress resistance and clear execution of orders. Emotional, tenacious and committed to deadlines. I adore shooting fashion and large teams, but I also feel confident in small stories where I can be an “orchestra”. I mix orders between photography and videography, it helps me not to burn out for so many years. What else? Cancer according to the horoscope. I like active sports and extreme.
I really want to work in England on a movie site. The dream is to film Adele and Oprah.