Elmira Asadova-Oetoro


tel. +447388321214
e-mail: Elmirasadova@gmail.com
URL: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm6710376

Work experience:
project manager, culture manager, up to 10 years

URL: –

I myself realized my future and chose a profession film producer. From the first year of the film university, I organized the shooting of student films, set myself the goal of releasing a new short film every month, in just two years at the university I organized the shooting of more than 20 student films.
I was not afraid to dream, to try myself in something new, every year I gain new useful skills and experience. I always take responsibility, I like to build a team of talented people, I know how to do it, I know how to maintain contact, listen and give feedback, I am a sincere person, I like to try new formats of interaction, give freedom and discover new ideas, talents and opportunities. In my 20s, I started presenting ideas for short films at film festivals and film markets. Immediately, I received two financings for two short films from the State Agency for Cinema of Ukraine. Then she started working on feature films, held various positions. She went to international workshops with her projects.
Every six months I go through trainings to improve my development, I eat at a film festival where I meet film professionals from other countries to share experiences.