Pavliuk Julia

Broadstairs / London

tel. +447445520289

Work experience:
Producer / 1st AD, up to 10 years


Ukraine-born professional; 
I started out as an agency project manager and did a turn as a stylist on my way to the producer’s chair. I belong to the new generation of video production makers, that brings their own creativity and passion to each project.
I do my best to keep the balance between productive workflow and good vibes on the set, regardless of how challenging the shooting circumstances may be.

1st AD
Growing assistant director, I am deeply convinced that creating and following the shooting schedule is not the only function of the 1st AD. 
I approach every project with an awareness of its unique needs. 
My experience as a producer has equipped me with a deep understanding of the ins and outs of filmmaking.
As an AD, I draw on that experience daily to ensure that no detail gets overlooked.