Kateryna Tkachuk


tel. +447398674406
e-mail: Katharina.tkachuk@gmail.com
URL: https://www.instagram.com/katharinetkachuk/

Work experience:
Assistant Director, up to 1 years

URL: https://www.behance.net/katerynatkachuk-

I have experience of working as an assistant director in Kyiv on one project created by Alona Danilyuk. Also, the screenwriter and I, as a co-author, have planned a social project on the territory of Ukraine.
I worked with an English team: “Pause Production”, as an assistant director on a 48 hour film for the festival. As well, I organized a creative Ukrainian team to write a script for the festival. At the same time, as a director, I shot a social video, for which I fully organized the film crew and wrote the idea – this is my first own work (in the process of editing).

My skills:
1) Intermediate English
2) Organisation and forward-planning skills
3) Excellent communication, write skills and phone manner
4) An ability to multi-task and react quickly

I’m open to work with the media-team’s to create impressive, future stories and eye-catching content.