Oleksandra Brovchenko


tel. –
e-mail: brovchenko.oleksandra@gmail.com
URL: https://www.facebook.com/aleksandra.brovchenko

Work experience:
producer, more than 10 years

URL: https://youtu.be/Wizs4uuyCPQ

Oleksandra Brovchenko is an internationally-awarded Ukrainian director, screenwriter, producer, video editor, visual artist, 1AD. Her filmography spans across mediums – ranging from commercials, social ads and music videos, to narrative films and documentaries – and genres – from horror and drama, to comedy and sci-fi – and. She has a BFA from the prestigious Kyiv National Karpenko-Kary university and a graduate of the renowned Torino Film Lab. She her graduation, she freelanced in various mediums for several renowned Ukrainian production companies, such as “Directory Films”, “Sensorama”, “FRESH Production”, “DocNotes Film” and “Cinema Friends”; and her films and projects won awards and were screened in A-Class festivals like the Molodist Film Festival, and in several territories – ranging from Taiwan to Los Angeles.