Anna Pecherska


tel. +447467589519

Work experience:
Editing director, more than 10 years


I am a very cool montage director with a sense of video and a lot of work experience. I know how to tame large volumes of video, multicam 10+ cameras. I have an absolute memory and imagination. I know 100 and 1 ways to correct shooting errors in post-production. I have been in the field of video production all my life. I made my way from regional TV to the national Ukrainian TV channel through advertising and weddings. In recent years, I have been filming as a director commissioned by the Christian community. I understand that I am very successful in this place as well. I am a team player, a very good editing director, but a bad organizer. I need a team that has an idea, takes steps to make it happen, and doesn’t know how to show it through a video montage. And I know.