Marina Leonchuk


tel. +447493553053

Work experience:
Journalist, over 10 years


Awards: Nominee of the Ukrainian television award “Teletriumph”

I am Marina Leonchuk. Ukrainian TV presenter. Interviewer. Journalist. 15 years of experience working on live broadcasts in the programs: “Breakfast with 1+1”, “TSN” and “The Situation”. Ambassador of all things Ukrainian in Britain. After February 24, I work and live with my son in England. I write texts in various genres, a book co-authored with a famous diplomat about today’s events in Ukraine. The heroine of a film about a Ukrainian woman, which is shot in Great Britain. The author of the YouTube project “Hide Your Own”, about internally displaced Ukrainians who lost their homes due to the war. I specialize in news, socio-political projects, interviews.

My guests: presidents, famous politicians, diplomats, businessmen, media experts and economic experts and political analysts. Volunteer. Through her social pages (and in partnership with colleagues, she is a co-organizer and participant of actions in support of Ukraine in London) collected 800,000 hryvnias for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.