Olena Kokurina


tel. +447493450214
e-mail: olena.kokurina@gmail.com
URL: www.linkedin.com/in/olena-kokurina-082762b

Work experience:
Executive Produser, up to 1 years

Live news (daily 30-min TV programme, 250 episodes per year)
Before the war has started
“Zagublenyi Scot” (The Lost World, 25 hour episodes per year)

Before the war has started:

After the war has started:

5 documentaries (by 60 min) for 1+1 Media Holding (links do not work at the moment. Could provide upon the request)

Proficient in creating, working with and managing multinational teams and projects at international level
Increasing the efficiency of teams up to 50% through the introduction of practices in the production process and Agile methods.
Having a unique practical experience of product creation, testing, elimination of mistakes and bringing to the market.
Handling project as the own business, where all processes should be flexible, simplified, and profit- oriented.
Working perfectly with retrospectives and prefer improvement through simplification.