Maksym Lashenko


tel. +447867256087

Work experience:
videographer, photographer, up to 5 years


I have been working with the camera since 2014, I have completed many courses and master classes.
I have experience as a cameraman on 1 short film and 1 pilot episode of a TV series.
I have been working in the press service of a large company for many years – hence the corresponding reportage and prom shootings.
I have extensive experience in photo retouching and video editing.
I also have extensive design experience in the production of booklets, calendars, magazines, and other printed products.
Several of my photos won a competition and were presented at a photo exhibition in Kyiv. These were portraits.
I have extensive experience shooting with a drone, both with a “classic” drone and with an FPV. I have the relevant British certificates that give me the right to fly a drone.